Pursuing Financial Independence

Financial independence can be defined as a state where one has enough passive income to support a lifestyle without having to work. Sounds like a hoax right? I thought so too…Before I knew anything about financial independence, my opinion about money was already straight forward. I estimate my savings rate was between 20 – 30%. I never put much thought into it. I just figured it’s the right thing to do if I wanted a nice house and car. Especially the car…

Don’t get me wrong, I often splurged as well. On stupid stuff, on many occasions. Still… In the back of my mind there was a small piece of brain activity acting like a voice of reason, insuring that I always paid myself first. I’ve never been a person that spends every dime on his bank account.


On a rainy day at the office, I was scrolling through some meaningless Facebook thread while suddenly an interesting link caught my attention. It was about a guy with an incredible goal. An interview with Mr. 1500. I was hooked almost instantly and spent the next couple of days discovering a whole community of people with the same mindset. I discovered the world of FIRE.

Discovering this community was more than an eyeopener. It confirmed what I’m doing is right and it made me rethink my strategy. It helped me to move forward at the speed of light. The small voice in the back of my mind concurred my whole brain.

I never saw myself as a writer. English isn’t even my first language. However, putting these thoughts on paper feels like the right thing to do. I can be a voice of reason for someone out there. Being European, this will also provide a better view for people outside of the USA/Canada. I am pursuing financial independence. Scratch that… I’m pursuing freedom.

Welcome to my journey and have fun.


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