What’s my net worth?

Now it starts to get interesting… let’s talk money.  

The graph below provides an overview of the growth of my net worth since I started focussing on saving at least 50% of my income. The first number is from December 2016 and doesn’t fully represent my growth due to the fact I only started keeping track at that point, while I actually committed to FI already in August 2016.

My girlfriend starts a fulltime master study in September, meaning, she won’t earn money along the way. Therefore, we decided to only disclose my net worth at this point. What I can disclose is that she has slightly more money than me but this will decrease over time as she needs the funds while studying. The reason she has more than me is because she never lost money in the stock market like I did, has a good paying job (until September) and is very good in saving.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-07 om 19.47.41

To provide a more detailed overview, the below graph distinguishes between cold hard cash and investments.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-07 om 19.48.15

The reason I have that much cash hanging around and doing nothing is because I’m looking into the real estate market. Believe me, if this wasn’t the case, almost every single soldier (= Euro) in my army (=account) would be fighting for me (= being invested).

I still have a tax advantaged pension fund from my working days in Belgium but I put a hold on the yearly deposits as I’m living abroad and don’t receive the tax advantage at this point. I estimate there should be around 2800 € hanging around in that fund. Due to my current living situation, this hasn’t been taken in consideration.

You might wonder how I saved 30K before I started documenting my earnings. It’s certainly no rocket science, just the result of saving 20-30% of my income. Complainers might say that my parents had a great deal saved for me? This is correct. I had about 10.000 € when I was 18. Without knowing anything about investments, I took a leap and invested a great deal in one penny stock (At that time I was sure about this company). I’ll let you guess twice about what happened…yes, I lost it all. People make mistakes right…

So what you see above is the result of my own hard work, no charity or help from relatives. And let me tell you, I’m only getting started…


2 thoughts on “What’s my net worth?

  1. JackedFinance 9 August 2017 / 22:03

    Great article, great growth rate in your net worth!

    Keep it up!


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