A benchmark case

Whenever the end of the month approaches, I tend to get a little bit more exciting. You might think this is obvious as the next paycheck is about to arrive. However, I’m the most excited about calculating my new net worth. 

I’ve already explained my savings rate and how I proceed when the paycheck hits the bank. Now, what fascinates me the most when calculating my net worth, besides my yearly progress, is that I benchmark my net worth.

Before I really started to focus on becoming financially independent, I had the desire to own a “nice” car. Moving to Germany only made that perception stronger. I do like to check out the merchandise at some car dealers from time to time. Not with the intention to buy but more to check what the current prices are and because I simply like cars. One day I saw this particular model I really liked and it was priced for 38.000 €. That number never left my mind. It became my first benchmark. The day my net worth reached that number, it felt like a personal victory. If I wanted, the car was mine. Just that feeling caused more than enough happiness for me.


By benchmarking my net worth against objects, I see more then only a number on a screen. Like seeing 10.000 € pop up on your screen versus holding it in cash. This is a fun experience for me and I will keep on doing it.

Have you ever benchmarked and if so, against what?

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