Minimalist I want to become

A few months ago I read a book called minimalism: Living a meaningful life. The authors, Joshua Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus completely changed their lifestyle to pursue the true meaning of life. They led a life full of indulgence, living from paycheck to paycheck,only to discover that what they are doing is just a waste of space.

The reason I started reading this book is due to the amazing, sometimes “life changing” reviews I read. However, my mindset didn’t change after finishing the book. I admired the concept and the thoughts behind it but that was it. It didn’t change me. Until…

Before continuing why I mention this, I’ll provide a little background. Me and my girlfriend are both living together in Germany for about two years now. One of the personal goals of my girlfriend is to obtain a master degree. About 10 months ago she made the decision to stop working in September 2017 to pursue this challenge. Prior to her final decision, she informed herself what the best universities would be to do this. Turns out none of them are in Germany. After some long conversations, we took the decision to move. For anonymity reasons I will not disclose the details. The point I actually want to make is that one is only realizing how much crap they have when they need to move it.

Until I actually was filling boxes with stuff we own, I always thought we were doing a decent job because we’re both aware of the purchases we make. Turns out I’m completely wrong. We own a lot of crap we don’t use. Needless to say, the girlfriend can easily go crazy on shoes, clothes and accessories but let’s stay on course.

Right then and there we both decided we will change our behavior even more and really, really…really think about the stuff we own, need and purchase. Not only for the sake of moving, but also because all of these things are not making us happy. They only use space until you start cleaning at some point and throw most of it away. The excess money we would save can go straight to our investment account and work for us to receive passive income. Which then can be used for our real passions, i.e traveling together.

So it turns out this book had a huge impact on my lifestyle. I will definitely read it again at some point or watch the documentary on Netflix. I strongly recommend Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

Disclaimer: This link will lead you to an amazon page where you can purchase this book if you wish. I will get a small endorsement when you go through this link. The reason I’m doing this is to cover the expenses of this blog and because a good product or service deserves to be promoted, especially when it can be life changing.


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