The origin of The Melon Deal

Starting a blog or online community where we share our adventures always sounded interesting. Due to busy schedules those plans faded away after a while. I know…excuses. That’s what I realized as well. So one night I just started writing down my thoughts, step by step.  Creating one article, then another… Inspiration could suddenly hit me and no matter where I was, I tried to start writing almost instantly. Creativity is a strange creature. I’ve learned over time to only write when I feel like it or when I feel inspired… just then I am able to finish a complete article in sometimes less than 30 minutes. I never thought I was able to do that.

So after writing about 5 or 6 articles I told my  girlfriend what I was up to and we decided to take a leap and start a blog. The only thing we need…A name… The aforementioned creativity however was not with us at that time. We just knew we wanted an original name that doesn’t refer to what we are actually doing. During a late night attempt to finally find a good name, my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to have some fresh melon we got from her parents garden that day. I kindly declined. She prepared a really nice plate with pieces of melon, together with two forks. Without saying anything, she placed the plate right next to me and walked away… After not even a minute, I realized I was stuffing my face with sweet melon…Her plan worked.  She entered the room and started laughing…”my melon trick worked” she said.

After about half an hour of searching for a name, I suggested we should call the blog the melon eaters. Yes I know…a bad joke. This was actually just the result of being tired and not wanting to waste more time on this topic. However, this was not a name we liked. But the word melon sounded kinda cool.

“What if we change the name slightly so we can also use it as code when we’re amongst others” we almost simultaneously agreed. Okay, “deal” she said… We looked each other in the eyes and without saying a single word… we knew what just happened… Indeed: the rise of “The Melon Deal”.

Evidence of the melon that particular night.

2 thoughts on “The origin of The Melon Deal

  1. AdventureRich 22 September 2017 / 11:45

    I wondered about the origin of the name “melon deal”… thank you for sharing!


    • themelondeal 22 September 2017 / 14:02

      Thanks for taking the time and read the blogpost!
      Have a great weekend!


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