My colleagues and their bad habits

I work in an international environment, together with people from various countries and cultures. The department I work in consists of approximately 40 people, divided in smaller teams. Though, the vast majority has a different background, there are certain fundamentals that correlate. Their food habits for instance. As we are all based in an office, I tend to see the eating habits of the people closest around me.

It’s astonishing to see what they eat and how much they pay. 90 % of them buys breakfast, lunch and snacks at the company restaurant/ bakery. I don’t know if it’s because of laziness, disability to cook themselves or being brainwashed by the company’s “low prices for employees” policy.

Nevertheless, seeing them spending a ridiculous amount of money on sugar and saturated fats got me thinking… what would they spend on a daily base? So I started a small analysis and kept track of their day to day eating habits (during office hours of course, I’m not some sort of stalker)



Here are my findings*:


Schermafbeelding 2017-09-27 om 11.10.26

The conclusion is that most of them spend over 10 €/day, dinner not included. This results in 51.5 €/week or 206 €/month.

Let’s compare this with my habits. I eat breakfast at home and bring all my snacks and lunches. Snacks include nuts and a piece of fruit. Lunch contains leftovers from the night before or top of the chart, homemade sandwiches. Me and my girlfriend have an average spending of 280 € on groceries per month

280 € / 30 days : 9.3 € / 2 (people) = 4.6 €.

My total cost is approximately 4.6 €. This includes a home cooked dinner and additional snacks. I find these numbers quite stunning. My point to this whole story is that making small lifestyle changes such as bringing your own food to work can have huge benefits and doesn’t cut back on your lifestyle quality. On the contrary, I’m sure my eating habits are more healthy and our home cooked food doesn’t even come close to the junk they offer at the company restaurant. I hope this topic brings awareness amongst others to keep track of what you spend on food/groceries.


*Disclaimer: I took the average prices in this simulation as I can imagine they don’t eat the same thing every day. Of the 12 people in my team (me included), 9 have similar habits as described above. 2 prefer to go home during lunch (they only live 3 km away, they go by car though) and then there’s me.

2 thoughts on “My colleagues and their bad habits

  1. PKaurK 8 October 2017 / 14:49

    I completely agree with this post, most of my colleagues are the same. I always bring a packed lunch and make my own coffee at work rather than buying it. I don’t think people understand how these little expenses all add up.


    • themelondeal 8 October 2017 / 16:19

      I’m glad that there are people out there who share the same mindset. It’s amazing how much more you can safe by preparing home made lunches!


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