The challenges

A while ago, I mentioned the next two years I’ll walk this planet without owning a car. This turns out to be a fun and healthy experience. Without sounding to negative, not having a car also has its downsides. It’s not all fun and games.

The weather suddenly starts to be incredibly important as I hate walking/cycling in the rain. I have the feeling the weather in Belgium is quite different from where we used to live in Germany. Yes, you’re right, more rain.

So there were already a few days where I cursed a lot because of being wet. I’m also quite certain that the cold I had a few weeks ago was related to the weather conditions.

In the past 3 months I already had a flat tire on three occasions (Apparently not uncommon while cycling in city center). This caused a lot of frustration, waisted time and having unnecessary costs. Investing in autorepair tires can solve this issue immediately.

Just a few weeks ago it snowed all day in Belgium and caused a lot of accidents and traffic on the road. As I booked a bus ticket to travel to Rotterdam, I was waiting patiently while all of a sudden receiving a message that the bus would be delayed for 1.5 hours. After about 40 minutes… another message. Your bus has been delayed for 2 hours. Seeing what kind of traffic and trouble was laying ahead, I decided to cancel my trip and go home.

It’s these type of events that trigger bad feelings and make somebody switch to a previous behavior. However, all of these situations can make you stronger. The bad days are compensated by a lot of good ones and these make it worth while. If these small issues are the only challenges you need to deal with, life is pretty good.

Situations like these also learn you to adapt accordingly. Whenever you come across a situation where you feel you giving up, take a moment to put things in perspective, have a good laugh (after swearing 5 times to take the edge of) and move on.

Instead of winding and whipping about the weather, I could easily adjust to the situation by upgrading my material (buying weather proof clothing is one of them). Instead of complaining that I can’t see my girlfriend for the weekend, I can be blessed I have a wonderful person in my life. Turn something negative into a positive point.

Considering the amount of money I save not having a car, the aforementioned situations are actually only small issues. These can be easily turned around in more positive situations.

The point I’m trying to make is that change can always be hard at first. Just when you want to give up, think about how a small change can cause a lot of prosperity in the future. Still doubting? In a previous posted, I calculated the amount of money you can safe by not owning a car. Increasing your cashflow with only 100 € each month can cause you’re time to retirement drop exponentially.

What’s the result of this behaviour? Each month I am able to safe/invest 1500 €. Let’s reflect on that…



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