The internet of things

Let’s throw all our investment strategies aside for a moment and don’t look at the companies that matter on this present-day but towards future possibilities.

Perhaps the giants of tomorrow not even exist today? I’m sure that it will be hard for other companies to be as disruptive as e.g Amazon, Apple or Facebook but I do believe it’s possible. Once in a while, I’m reminiscing about missed opportunities and how I can make sure that it never happens again. Of course I can never guarantee this but I can start getting ready and prepare accordingly. Doing this allows you to add companies to your portfolio with huge upwards potential.

However, there’s a big difference between saying something and acting on it. Proceeding with the actual investment can still be a big leap. If I followed my gut feeling, I would’ve invested all my savings in Apple just before enrolling in university*. Have you ever had the feeling or thought by yourself; this good/service/application will be important in the future and proceed with investing accordingly? I sure have **.

So instead of being afraid, let’s be eager to learn. What is going to be important in the next 5,10 and 20 years. I assume we’ll still need food, a roof about our head and the need to move around. Therefore, I believe consumer goods companies will still be up a running, car companies (probably flying cars) will still exist and people will also need to be insured for all of these goods.

Besides that, we’re entering a strange and uncommon world of robotics, the internet of things. An era of technology we have never seen before. As I don’t want to miss the train, now is the time to do your research and invest. I already have a few names in my portfolio and I have more on my radar. I’m looking for companies that can have huge potential in the future and provide a decent dividend payout. The latter could be tricky on some occasions so that is a decision I have to make for myself.

That brings me to cryptocurrencies… Yes, I can here you think:


Just a few sentences. You can make it!

Being in the software and tech industry, I can tell you that already lot’s of interesting conversations took place. One guy’s Bitcoin account even got hacked at some point, setting him back 500k! Crazy world we live in.

To be completely honest, I am thinking about taking the leap and put some of my money in cryptocurrencies. I’m already playing with the idea since the beginning of 2017, long before the hype started. Am I afraid about missing out on possibly the biggest profit of the century? Perhaps… Am I an expert on blockchain? Not at all. Have we already reached the summit a few months ago? I don’t know. And that’s the intriguing part. Where’s that damn crystal ball when you need it…

*disclaimer: putting all your eggs is one basket is never a good idea.

**disclaimer: The reason I can have these thoughts is another benefit of financial independence. The bigger your net worth, the more you can think about increasing the risk with a small, not significant percentage of money. So Besides my current investment strategy, I might embark on some riskier adventures. Will I care if If I lose 1000 € by taking on a more risky investment? Not for a second! Life’s too short to worry and remember, the journey towards is equally important…

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