Devoted to the cause

My current situation allows me to safe a substantial amount of money on a monthly base. The lifestyle I’m living is quite minimalistic and from pervious posts, it shows I’m on the right track when it comes to saving money. I’m being consistent in things that truly matter. For instance, I still take my lunch to work every day. At my new job, it’s even worse. It’s common to see expensive sandwiches, sushi, Thai food and asian noodles passing the lunch table every day, costing a fortune. I’m the only one being this persistent but I can definitely tell you, it pays off in long term! The occasional question about why I bring my own lunch everyday while you have so much delicious food courts close by, is answered quickly without going deeper into the subject. For the ones curious about my answer: “I previously worked in Germany. The daily lunch menu mainly existed of typical German dishes. Because I’m not the biggest fan, I started preparing my own food. That turned into a habit and I feel good about it. I don’t consider it a burden.” I get a respectful nod and we move on to the next topic.

However, lately I feel like I’m being to careful, rethinking to much. I’m still applying the same procedure every month when the pay check hits the account.

A predetermined amount of money that will be saved is taken off almost instantly. Of that amount, 66 % goes into stocks, 33% into ETFs. Do note that this can change based on the situation, e.g having a mortgage. The money that’s leftover can be used for whatever my heart desires. Below the correlated percentages in saving rate from the last 3 months.

December 2017


January 2018


February 2018



Wow.I’m able to provide these kind of numbers because I earn quite some more with my new job and my recurring monthly costs dropped down as well. So, after deducting costs and savings, there’s a certain amount I can spend every month. And here the “problem” is situated. I still catch myself thinking, hmm, I don’t need this or I should not go to grab a coffee there but just take one at work (it’s free at work). I still overthink small purchases which I can easily afford.

My mind is so trained by now to rethink everything I buy. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but as with everything you should do it in moderation. Besides that, I took some measures in the past to enhance my savings behaviour even more, e.g,  not owning a car and buying my own weights instead of a gym membership. I’m even rethinking my stock purchases to safe on broker fees. Instead of monthly purchases, switching to a purchase every second month can cut your brokerage fees in half.

So I ask myself, am I not to devoted? Don’t I overdo it sometimes?

You probably think so but I’m perfectly happy and I don’t need more at this point. If I think about the possibility to be truly free from all my responsibilities and the ability to travel, enjoy spending time with a family of myself, stay inside on rainy/snowy days (or heck, spend the winters abroad) and to be outside on warm summer days, it’s worth every euro I safe right now!

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