Net worth update

The first quarter of 2018 is coming to an end and as such, provides a great opportunity to show how things went in terms of money.

This is how I initially wanted to start my first blog post in April. Suddenly, it’s the first of May.Let’s start with the obvious excuse; time. I’ve have been travelling/working remotely for about 2 weeks, had lots of work during my day to day job and didn’t want to spend my nights behind a screen after already having to do that the entire day. We also had some lovely days/nights here in Belgium and as any fellow Belgian will confirm, you better not take this for granted and enjoy the every single minute! So I did.

Now back to business. Let’s have a look at my overall net worth.

Schermafbeelding 2018-05-01 om 10.38.46.png

As you can see, despite the glitch we’ve experienced in the stock market, I made some solid gains. Underneath this number, a bigger, more significant event took place.

The recurring increase is due to my persistent savings and lately, a small but quite disruptive, though in my eyes, speculative event, caused the one penny stock I own to gain 100%. At this point, the value has corrected itself and I still need to gain quite some just to break even but I’m not worried because of their positive results and new business collaborations. I strongly believe in the technology and the management of this company. If they are able to come out with a sellable product, hell will break lose and you’ll probably hear about it. Pretty curious? Great! That was just my intention. For a heavy fee, I’m always willing to disclose more info ;-).

I got pretty excited about the stock market correction a few weeks ago and took the opportunity to shuffle some money from my cashflow towards the stock market. It allowed me to increase certain positions and buy other additional companies from my watch list. Posting a comprehensive overview is on the plan for this month.

Due to an incentive at the side of my broker, I should receive about 80 € which I can use to cover brokerage fees in the coming 3 months. This seems like a great chance to enhance other positions, without having to worry about costs. Perhaps I should think about a threshold on the amount I wish to invest in the market as I tend to get a bit crazy sometimes. Note that I’m still looking into the real estate market. These endeavours also require a certain amount of money.  All in all, I took approximately 20% of my cash flow to acquire additional stocks.

Another great opportunity came along to make some extra cash. I’ve closed my first loan. For a period of 3 months, I’m providing a family member with a big chunk of my leftover cashflow. This agreement comes to an end in July, resulting in an attractive interest rate for me. This means that at this point, almost all of my money is working for me. I have to say, it’s an awesome feeling.

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