How travelling can become stressful and expensive (Part 2)

How did the story of our lost bags turned out? As Eurowings was not helpful at all, we took matters in our own hands. Meaning, sending emails to various sources and informing different relatives to call whatever number they could get their hands on. On the morning of day 10 something strange happened.

The girlfriend sent an email to the lost and found department in Cologne once again (number 15 or so) and to the hotel in Havana we previously stayed. A few hours later, after having found a decent WiFi spot, we checked to see if we received an answer. Our inbox showed a reply from both the hotel and the baggage claim service.

Email from the hotel: We have received ONE suitcase this morning with the corresponding tag number!

Email from the Baggage claim department: We have not located your suitcases yet and are still searching them. We’ve checked various other departments but without success.


Another unbelievable response. They managed to ship one of our suitcases but haven’t got a clue when you ask for more information. Futhermore, the suitcase was delivered to an address that was not valid anymore (we kept the delivery address for the suitcases online up-to-date). Double fail.

Happy to know the location of already one bag, we asked the airline company if they would arrange a transfer to the right location or if we should arrange something ourselves and receive compensation afterwards. We were 250 km from where the suitcase was delivered. After not receiving an answer for several days, we decided to book a cab and retrieve the suitcase on our own. I genuinely believe that if we hadn’t done that, it would still not be back.

As the last day (day 16) came to an end, there was no information about my suitcase. On the flight back to Cologne, I was already putting together a list of items I needed, as I was going to spend another week in Germany (working remotely). An important side note: This will have an impact on my net worth, having to buy new things + not knowing how much money I will receive as compensation.

In a desparate attempt, the plan was to visit the lost and found office ourselves to speak to a manager about the whole process and how to proceed for compensation.

Upon arriving, I noticed approximately 70 bags standing in front of the lost and found. That meant at least 70 people in the same situation. After 30 hours without sleep (I really can’t sleep sitting up), my mind was on autopilot. Now, everywhere I came in the last 16 days where a bunch of suitcases were stored, I had a look. You never know right…

A brief moment later, the adrenaline levels began to rise and I felt instant focus. I spotted a similar looking bag , ran towards it (jumping across several other bags) and BAM… there it was! MY SUITCASE. Just standing there… Never left the airport.

So the office we have been emailing and calling for the past two weeks, who claimed not to be responsible and not having any info, DID actually have my bag. Isn’t that terrible?

Even worse, my suitcase got uploaded in the system at 12.35 p.m on the day of our flight while the plane itself took off at 12.40 p.m. This means they didn’t even bother to transfer the bags but instead, sent them to the lost and found straight away. This is incompetence beyond everything…

Not having to spend any time and money on purchasing new things just feels great! We are both very lucky to have both our suitcases back and all ends well.

Eurowings…Never again!

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