It’s not going fast enough

The last few months I’ve definitely been happy about what I achieved and how my savings rate is developing. I’m able to put a significant chunk of my monthly salary aside without having to cut down on life’s value. Besides that I already exceeded my 2017 dividend income and we still have a few good months to go in terms of receiving money.

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-05 om 21.56.21

My total dividend income sits at 777 €. The end of the year goal was 1200 €, doubling the amount of 2017. Very curious to see if I can make that.

Looking at my net worth, there’s only good news to show.

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-05 om 21.57.38

Comparing numbers from September 2017 with today’s value, I was already able to increase my net worth with 22k. Considering there was a small drop in the overall value of my stocks recently, I’m very proud to be able to shows these kind of numbers. There is still a lot of room for growth, even without adding additional payments each month. The goal determined in the beginning of the year was 75k.

And still… occasionally I catch myself thinking that this isn’t going fast enough. I feel like I’m able to do more with my time. If I could bump up my income by another 1000 €/month, I could do some real damage to the total FI years. I’ve been having numerous ideas. A side job after normal business hours to get some extra cash. Selling more unnecessary things I own through Ebay. I even sell pictures on Eyeem. The latter was something fun me and my girlfriend set up during our Bali travels because we’re both interested in photography. So far, I’ve sold 1 picture. But I haven’t been persistent with adding pictures to my portfolio.

Who knows, perhaps I can build a side business that allows me to quit my normal day job way faster and become my own boss.

Is it time to start a little side project? Every book or article I read about entrepreneurship says that you have to take the leap at some point. However, I’m quite hesitant in taking the jump because I simply don’t know what to do. There’s no lack of business ideas, trust me. I have multiple things brewing in my head but at this point, none of them are the perfect fit just yet. To be honest, my current time does not allow to do much research on starting a side business or properly investigating business ideas and strategies.


And then it hit me… I should stop making excuses. So I’m setting myself an extra goal. Find a product or service that would make it worth for me being an entrepreneur, that completely fits me, my values and would make me happy, plus, keeping in mind my international situation. Meaning, make sure you can take your business, where ever you go…

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