About us

Hello and welcome to The Melon Deal.

Let me introduce myself shortly and explain the purpose of this blog.

I’m a 28 29 30 year old guy who grew up in the Flemish part of Belgium. Next to an interest in personal finance, I love sports, traveling, photography and good food. (preferably for a decent price). Ow yeah, and I love memes…you’ll notice!

Somewhere along the way, I met this amazing German girl. We travelled together, we had fun together and…we ended up living together, in Germany. It is a wonderful experience, I can tell you that. As one of our biggest passions is traveling and exploring the world, we talked about starting a travel blog. However, as we are both having job responsibilities, we would only be able to have enough info for the blog a few times a year. The idea started to wander away, until now.

In August 2016, I started to be more serious about the idea of having enough money in order to quit my daytime job and pursue personal interests. I started following the path to Financial Independence and was hooked almost instantly. This blog is about our path to freedom. I want to share ideas and experiences as well as give you an insight in the decisions we make, what tools we use and which awesome tricks we have lined up.

It’s important that the road towards this goal is a fun experience. Therefore, awesome travel locations, suggestions and much more will be shared as well.

Why is the blog called The Melon Deal? Check this.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope I can be of inspiration. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate, just ask away.

Disclaimer: The existence of this blog is solely for informational purposes and provides an overview of our view on finances. We are not licensed financial planners, nor do we claim to be. The information on this blog is provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confers no rights.

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. ambertreeleaves 29 October 2017 / 20:03

    Just discovered your blog via FireHub…! I will be following along as you progress. Are you actually in Belgium?


    • themelondeal 29 October 2017 / 20:51

      Hey Ambertreeleaves,

      Cool!I’ve been following your progress for quite a while now so this is much appreciated. Yes, I’m currently in Belgium. Me and my girlfriend lived in Germany for the passed 2,5 years but I’m back for now. I have an exciting project I can work on. I should be able to disclose more in the nearby future.
      Do you mind elaborating on FireHub? I’m not familiar with the website.


      • Mr W 30 October 2017 / 12:31

        FIRehub.eu is the european FIRE portal. The meeting spot about all FIRe related blogposts, blogs, events and info (WIKI): http://firehub.eu/
        It was started by several peopel furing the Financial Indepence Week Europe in Timisoara, 2017 september.

        We’ll get in touch very soon!


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