A boost in my savings rate

Due to a recent change in our private situation, we’re not living together anymore. I’m currently working in Belgium and my girlfriend is studying in The Netherlands. We adapted our lifestyle accordingly and as such, our time together is limited. Weekends are even more precious at this point.  Continue reading

Who knows about your FIRE plans?

Have you ever tried sharing the idea of financial independence with a friend or loved one? I sure have, more than once. Not that I’m pursuing it myself but more sharing my thoughts about reaching a stage in life where your passive income exceeds the cost of living. That and increase my savings rate. Continue reading

My colleagues and their bad habits

I work in an international environment, together with people from various countries and cultures. The department I work in consists of approximately 40 people, divided in smaller teams. Though, the vast majority has a different background, there are certain fundamentals that correlate. Their food habits for instance. As we are all based in an office, I tend to see the eating habits of the people closest around me. Continue reading

Minimalist I want to become

A few months ago I read a book called minimalism: Living a meaningful life. The authors, Joshua Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus completely changed their lifestyle to pursue the true meaning of life. They led a life full of indulgence, living from paycheck to paycheck,only to discover that what they are doing is just a waste of space.

The reason I started reading this book is due to the amazing, sometimes “life changing” reviews I read. However, my mindset didn’t change after finishing the book. I admired the concept and the thoughts behind it but that was it. It didn’t change me. Until…

Continue reading